The fastest way to create Staffing Firm client reports

A staffing firm generates a variety of reports to manage placements, assess performance, and communicate effectively with clients. Key reports include:

Candidate Shortlisting Reports: Detailing the selection process, showcasing candidate profiles, qualifications, and suitability for specific roles.

Placement Status Reports: Providing updates on the status of candidate placements, including start dates, contract durations, and ongoing performance assessments.

Time and Attendance Reports: Documenting the hours worked by temporary or contract staff for accurate payroll processing and client billing.

Billing and Invoicing Reports: Summarising billable hours, rates, and expenses for client invoicing and financial reconciliation.

Compliance Reports: Ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory requirements in recruitment, including right-to-work checks and certifications.

Candidate Performance Reviews: Offering assessments of candidates’ performance on assignments, addressing strengths, areas for improvement, and client feedback.

Client Satisfaction Surveys: Gathering feedback from clients to measure satisfaction with the staffing services, identify areas for improvement, and strengthen partnerships.

Market Trends and Salary Benchmarking Reports: Providing insights into industry trends, salary benchmarks, and market dynamics to guide strategic decision-making.

Diversity and Inclusion Reports: Demonstrating efforts to promote diversity in candidate pools and ensuring compliance with equal opportunity standards.

Forecasting Reports: Anticipating future staffing needs, skills gaps, and industry changes to proactively address client requirements.

These reports empower staffing firms to deliver tailored solutions, maintain client satisfaction, and adapt to the dynamic demands of the employment market.

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