About Client Reports

While building a platform to automate Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A Deal Platform), the founders recognised the possibility of significantly improving how client reports are created, particularly with the latest advancements in Generative AI from Microsoft and OpenAI.

ClientReports.ai was born!

In an ideal world, client reports should provide up-to-date insights into a client’s business, projects, or activities. And the process of creating these reports should not be time-consuming, and regardless of the creator, the reports should maintain a consistent appearance.

To address these challenges, the founders envisioned a software platform leveraging advanced cloud technology and the latest generative AI.

This platform would offer virtual data rooms, integration with client systems, streamlined document workflows, and automation to reduce the time and effort required in producing client reports.

James Ruthven

James Ruthven is a technology and product leader with 25+ years of success in leading organisations in change and growth, delivering solutions that transform customer experience.

An expert in digital strategy, product development, transformation, and M&A integration, James has taken senior technology and product roles in businesses in a wide variety of sectors such as Finance, Technology and Telecoms.​

Our Team

Our Team

Libor Weigl

Libor Weigl is head of software development with over 10+years of software development of automation platforms, machine learning and data management engines.

Experienced in all areas of software development delivery including development, testing, infrastructure, Agile and DevOps with focus on Scientific Data Management Systems, PropTech, LegalTech and Fintech.

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